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Thanks for highlighting so umteen of my favorites - I'm honored. Stay well all I guess I would say that statement Zebub has at length successful the big time, so to speak. [Or, as a attorney would say, "I ease my case."]Today's Pics: Oh, yeah, Raquel Merono in Dagon is one of my favorites too, for all the reasons that Eda mentioned. IMO, no woman should be fed to a mutant until afterward she has been completely stripped. I don't want to steal anyone's thunder here, but, as far as Gimp material, the movie sucked. All you've got is a few shots of female butts deed spanked. Well, I just happened to human a lot of your movies already capped, and the few that didn't I had the DVDs so I could make my own. You were the one who did the PKF custom that I didn't suchlike wherever the chick gets all bloody and disemboweled. That was an awfully bloody film, but I didn't cap the bloody parts for the site. When they look like they're taking a clean in the stuff, that's going too far. He is such a prestigious auteur that a documentary was ready-made about 3 secret filmmakers and he is one of them. _r=1&ref=todayspaper I wage another reappraisal of the picture in The Village Voice. Back in past daytime of films, the baddies would give fully-clothed women to the monsters. location are couple of distaff beatings, but zero to really get worked up over. You had one on your list that I could someone put up on the board, but it involved a shot in which a skirt has her tit cut off, and after the whining we've gotten over the ancient few days, I definite to pass. The sole scene I likeable in that film was the electrocution scene, which I misused for the each day pictures. Fritz is right, let's give her a caring limping welcome. The movie is called S&Man (pronounced Sandman) and it really opened in a theater today in New York City. Not practically to add except Zebub is quoted in the review as speech communication I injure it so perverts spring me money." Sounds a lot like his comment early once he titled his fans "retards". It shows a attractive woman with a beautiful body hanging by her wrists entirely unclothed in front of dozens of alarming creatures while she is moved all over and and so slowly down into a pit, kicking and screaming and gross and terrified, with fatal results revealed once her belated rescuer pulls back up the bond holding her wrists. My biggest disappointment was the sum of money of nudity.

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