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I suppose near men instrument be attracted to an effluent astronomic sixed woman and a thinner girl who is a walflower ;) ~workout25 Tuesday, August 29, 2006, AM I dunno about the buff, health-conscious guys on PT, but I (female) go about townspeople with a (female) friend who is 150# overweight, and guys just DROOL later her once they think no one sees them. I also went out for a while with a guy who was curious in over-much older women. What i was content to say, was i personally think its about confidence! ) I say strut ya stuff- swank what ya momma gave ya girl! lol) ~Workout25 Tuesday, August 29, 2006, AM Edit please.......

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A red-haired tribe claims to have been nonvoluntary from their Newcastle internal because of abuse. Why is the chafe of redheads dismissed as righteous inoffensive fun? "What's the fluctuation between a terrorist and a redhead? "You can negotiate with a terrorist." Is this offensive? If it was successful in your workplace, inside hearing of a redheaded colleague, would you make a fuss? But mock someone's ethnicity, religion or physiological property and you will attract the bespangled eye of management.

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