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Some say he was deformed at birth giving him an androgynous appearance, others say he was portrayed as such because he symbolised the new human body head of the belief and therefore had qualities of the male & female. Akhenaten was a great deal depicted with an elongate jaw line, nationwide hips and a round belly. This alteration was a clean break from all of the conventions of old Egyptian art, and has led to much fairly wide speculation.

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Wiccan Beliefs

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Wiccan beliefs are within reason arduous to pin downward because a diverseness of belief exists within the religion. This diversity is seen all but distinctly on the idea of a God or a glorious being. Some Wiccans are monotheistic, in that the know one key divine reality called "All" or "The One." Language of either "god" or "goddess" may be second hand here to refer to "The One", but the god and goddess are viewed simply as male and feminine dimensions of one one-person spiritual being or sacred reality.

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Worldview Dictionary - Summit Ministries

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