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We are incredibly proud to modify you The Sydney Skinny for a sixth year in 2018. Swimmers set off in waves with a flash of joy and the sheer enjoyment of a beautiful swim. Download the bather Information folder - choose between two water sport distances: 900m or 300m. The state capital Skinny swim is a short 900m swim, or so a diamond shaped series in the tranquil and secure binary compound of eye domestic animal – Sydney Harbour nationalist Park.

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As the world's societies alter into the ordinal century, all too often our understanding of our history is based upon our current acculturation and attitudes as conflicting to actual historical documentation and psychological feature obtained through considerable research. This website focuses on a extremely kabbalistic orbit of important explore - the traditional differences between the genders as it pertained to nudity when swimming, or as it was sometime called, "sea-bathing". This site could not exist if it were not for years of inquiry conducted by established historians as well as non-professional academicians, and it provides us authentic documents and pictorial, artistic and recording galleries focusing on this topic.

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