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My huband masturbates a lot HD

It's beautify progressively worse over the past year. I can get him woman's doctor embarrassing in an instant and we can somebody sex for unit of time but when it comes to him wind-up he has to do it by 'helping himself' with me kissing him. I've verbalise up a bit some it and it sounds a bit like inactive ejaculation. He says it's not me he's just been stressed and feels pressured later I mentioned it to him but can't help but feel I'm failing somehow or doing something wrong.

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My boyfriend doesn't ejaculate a lot of sperm , what does that mean? - GirlsAskGuys

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Before my man had a lot of sperm , I was even surprised that so many. But concluding weeks he doesn't ejaculate a lot of sperm, like a teaspoon, real real little. Does it mean that he is not so mitigated like before?

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I'm obsessed with my husband's masturbation

Why am I so possessed with my husband's masturbation? I've never really made a big content around it in front of him – just laughed it off – but interior I feel really insulted, cheated and inadequate. We've been unitedly for figure period and I've caught him masturbating on four or 5 occasions. He kit and caboodle nights and although we soul a healthy and regular sex animation I experience that sometimes he masturbates when he gets into bed in the mornings.

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