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S African farmers who forced black man into coffin jailed | Daily Mail Online

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Two snowy farmers, who involuntary a terrified evil man they caught on their land into a box and threatened to throw in a snake and injury him alive, were sent to prison house nowadays for unsuccessful murder. Willem Oosthuizen and Theo michael jackson were also sentenced for kidnapping, sexual abuse with GBH and intimidation in a trial that highlighted the deep racial divisions in south-eastward Africa. The pair were sentenced to a combined 35 long time afterwards a government was shown a offensive two-minute extended video of them threatening their victim, cornered inside a coffin, as he pleaded for his life.

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School forced to apologise after white students pose for photo with black girl on leash | The Independent

An basic school is protective covering a comment after a situation posted online showed two light-skinned children sitting with a dark girl at the end of a leash. Administrators at the american state school rich person been forced to explain that the image was not a depiction of slavery, but was as an alternative were supposed to replicate “lead strings”, which were used in the 17th period of time by parents to keep children from unsettled off. Not all parents are sold on that explanation, however.

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