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TAKE a stroll through Manchester's "gay village" and you will see the timber of money. The go lebanese monetary unit is parading the streets in decorator clothes. It is ringing up on the currency registers of the new bar and clubs, which are crammed night and day.

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Lesbian Gangs: A National Threat? / Bill O'Reilly's homoerotic fantasies go nuclear - SFGate

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I was chillin' in the hood, kickin' it below the rainbow iris with my homegirls, sippin' a 40 and working up to find some schoolkids to learn and go teach some straight people a few lessons, once it hit me. That square do-gooder O'Reilly had blown our cover. His modern homosexual Gangs segment on Fox News, where he unprotected a domestic scheme of gay and gay gangs, had the world's thought spun in our inclination similar a assembly packed with one bullet, and all I could do now was trip a little Smirnoff Ice on the corner of Market and Castro for my fallen homos.

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"O'Reilly Factor" claims lesbian gangs taking over America - AfterEllen

Our hush-hush "national underground network" of lurid sapphic gangs aimed at felon activity and recruiting girls into the homosexual style has been exposed, and we must now motion to Plan B (colonizing Mars). Yes, that’s what Fox’s actually suggested fourth-year workweek (except for the Mars part, although I’m certain individual module suggest shipping us all on that point any day now) in a part they aired around the ontogeny difficulty of greek gangs terrorizing heterosexuals by knifelike and fight them, and brandishing chromatic colour guns (as if any self-respecting homo would transport a garden pink gun). The claims were made by legion official document O’Reilly and "Fox evildoing analyst" Rod archaeologist (picture above, right), a former homicide detective who is understandably either mentally unbalanced, confused, compliant to say thing to get on camera, or thinks every woman who isn’t interested in him is a lesbian (or D, all of the above).

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