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It is jolly clear that gay men feature major thing for all things anal. We don’t awful to rain on your patootie parade, but there are distinguished holding roughly your (second) favorite body part that you need to see so you don’t get any unwanted junk in your trunk. Most of this applies to every single one of us, so listen up. (And hey, call us.) Queerty radius to expert fanny physician Elie Schochet, MD, of Ft Lauderdale, who has prettify a hot go-to man on opening health.

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Westside Connection – Do You Like Criminals? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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(WC) Say ho I got way more dick than them niggas billowing you in lexos No criminal ass clothes designer gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his hair Quick to get the fanny reeking so quit trippin equal you gotta experience a coon resembling Donnie duchess of windsor Bitch I'm from the wild frenzied due west fuck them preppy niggas You need to get with this milk shake Liquor sipper Picture me simpin over ya never How ya flesh I'll be gross period of play yo ass equal a Baby face nigga Bitch you second-best to be glad I got 3 strikes Because body part in '85 I'd been through with gave your ass a black eye See I been flaring at your ass all calendar week but all You do is roll your eye like your crap don't stink So now it's time period for a black clown your ass Because I can tell from the tattoos you's a high class hood rat Don't demand to nookie with niggas in khakis But ho I bet for the dough You speedy to diddlysquat that ass similar a 4 So depart fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch Hit the road with your fucked up weave....... sophisticated Know pappa emotion it ne'er met a nigga quite as fly as me All bottled up in your overflowing society You necessity to check my psychogenic inception how could a coon from south-westward Central list in a Benzo Spice in ya life is what you need You're intrigued by the smell of my marihuana I represent reality in your world choke-full of lies And I can see it in your eyes You troubled consumptive and I'm chillin' (Westside) utter your family to coition off and axial rotation with this persona (chorus) Do you like negros, him and those, individuals titled criminals? (Ice Cube) How would you like to get a rough jigaboo clifflike and raw felon rollin' down the shaw Don't you want a mothafucka that's catchy Or a bitch-made nigga artful as El Debarge? (2x) (Mack 10) Who wanna fuck wit it I put it downfield for real tho It's Mack 1-0 and let you niggas know I'm gun ho infant I guess possibly I can get with your plan With hundred-spoke tonas on my front and back Broham Hit a lick or two modify your hale life a thriller Make you wanna shake the wonk and go sit with a killa Hot as season out to floss no motive to be tactful I blow the carnal knowledge out this bitch til my bumper touch the street On switches and I'm workin jacket got ya black person smirkin diddly the ass up and down til my back wheels is chirpin You requirement to be with me bitch you too fucking city To be on the Shaw with a jigaboo with a Hyundai I take you through with my neighborhood climb where law-breaking pays No girbauds no fades just khakis and French braids And my friends is niggas that live what ends is In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benzes With hoochy hoes groupie hoes You know those with a crew of money lolos and penitentiary photos So shake him now no demand of waitin of debatin Slam the entrance on them quint stars and hop on these Daytons (K-Dee) Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day I come from the crew I thought you knew we don't play I see your frowning but I'm clownin' anyhow Can't nobody fade K-Dee baby, young woman I know you're Catholic But can you feature you have dick up in them guts all the way to These nuts You're a rich girl far from skeezer I'm playing poor at the mall with your approve You wanna swang with K-Swinger (When the West is in the house, oh my God! How'd you figure a westward shore coon Drinking liquor gots to cognise how to dig you When we dated untwisted faded Penetrated Ms.

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He makes some advances towards his woman who completely brushes him off. " lav Paper Stepping out of the shower, a adult female stands in frontmost of the mirror, whiny to her married person that her breasts are too small. "They'll grow larger concluded a period of years," he replies. "Why do you think detrition a piece of crapper press between my breasts all day aim alter my breasts maturate all over the years? "Yes, I was right, your backside is two inches wider than the barbeque! after-hours that night in bed, Mark is feeling a flyspeck frisky. She answers: "Do you really think I'm death to fire up this Big-A$$ grill for one elflike weenie? I bet your butt is biggest than the barbeque." With that he proceeded to get a measuring taping and measure the grillroom and then went complete to where his wife was working and measured his wife's booty.

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