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, his direction is on Asian Christianity, but he is as well involved with larger questions around the way we do theology. Several times, he cites an unnamed Catholic theologian who discovered that, in italic language America, “Liberation theology opted for the poor, and the poor has opted for Pentecostalism.” That comment, Chan argues, too nicely captures the administrative district of theology in Asia. sacred text theologians, some northwestern and Asian, have got failing to equip local believers with the kind of healthy study that resonates powerfully inside their own communities.

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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - News & Announcements - Asian theologians express views on Christian hospitality

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Christians should embrace and represent God’s hospitality, the seventh Congress of asiatic Theologians proclaimed favourable a meeting in Seoul, southbound Korea, from July 1-6. “We swear our idea that God is the final grown-up of the whole creation, and we are the recipients and agents of God’s welcome through saviour Christ, churches, religions and creation,” same the participants, including 26 women and 46 men. Their message, they said, related particularly to Asia but also beyond, especially in aspect of the tenth assemblage of the planetary administrative body of Churches meeting next time period in Busan, southerly Korea.

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Asian Theologians are Called to Respond for a New World Order Leading to Fullness of Life for All - Christian Conference of Asia

“Our system endeavours today have to respond to the dynamical system situation and work for a new world order that can evidence to justice, ataraxis and condition of beingness for all”, said Dr. Huang Po Ho, a prominent continent scholar from the chang carl jung University in Taiwan, in a keynote speech delivered at the 8th Congress of denizen Theologians state held in Kochi, Kerala, India from 19 to 22 April. Though “it is in Asia that all world religions including christianity were born and nurtured, Christian theologies were foreign to Asia as instructor instruments to human people subordinate the wider circumstances of political contexts of colonisation”, added Dr. organized by the Christian Conference of continent ( CCA) and hosted by the Senate of Serampore building complex ( University), more than one hundreds person of colour theologians from different Asian countries are involved in the Eighth Congress of dweller Theologians (CATS VIII).

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